True Stories of Open Sharing

Call for Stories

Share Your Story

What kind of stories do I want? Yours! I have the obligatory “About” page, but explore the more than 60 already on this site– or just see what happens when you watch one chosen at random.

Just make a video, post online, and put the details below and with a link where I can find your video. I can add any video that can be embedded, not just YouTube, but also vimeo, Mozilla Popcorn Maker, etc. Or scribble it on a napkin, tie it to the leg of a carrier pigeon, fax it, post it in the mail in a plain brown envelope… just send my way.

A few suggestions– be natural. And make it short; 1-3 minutes is a good length, we do not need every detail, especially if you can provide any links for more information. Think of it like a movie trailer. For structure, take a look at the story spine approach used by Pixar based on the original concept of Kenn Adams.

What is the “So What?” of your story? Make sure your video opens with a reference to that, but not explicitly, almost a teaser to make you want to watch more. For example, see the opening of Jess BcCulloch’s story