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My Dad, Frank Larkin (John Larkin)

John has been documenting his father’s World War II Prisoner of War experiences, and while not mentioned in this video, his public writings generated a story of connection:

Some time back I wrote an article about my father, Frank, and I mentioned that there were gaps in my knowledge about the experiences of my father as a POW as his force were moved around southeast Asia and Japan during his incarceration from January 1942 through to September 1945. I have created a web site about my father’s war time experiences.

Then, one day I received a moving letter from Charles Edwards, one of my father’s friends in the 2/19th battalion, 8th Division, AIF. He was replying to the article I had written. Charlie had been with my father for almost every single day of their imprisonment. I had mentioned Charlie in my article. Charlie’s letter included detailed maps and photographs.

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