Amazing Stories of Net Serendipity

Call for Stories

My latest and previous iterations of me pleading for you to share a story. Has my pitch gotten any better?

Share a Story?

What kind of stories do I want? Yours! Anything that has happened unexpectedly because of sharing or connections made online, everything from from spreading sunflower seeds to tweeting leading to a conference gig in Hollywood to learning to play guitar from 13 year old kids to a shared OER in South Africa being published in a Spanish academic journal.

I have the obligatory “About” page, but better for you to explore the 110 already on this site– or just see what happens when you watch one chosen at random.

I am currently seeking to add to the Stories of Connection for a keynote October 2015 at the K12 Online Conference where the theme is Virtually Unstoppable. Have you made a connection with another class, student organization through the Tubes of the Internet? Has something amazing or unexpected or both happened? Please tell me. It need not be a purely applied education story.

Just make a video, post it online , and enter the details below with the link where I can find your video. I can add any video that can be embedded, not just YouTube, but also vimeo, etc. Or scribble it on a napkin, tie it to the leg of a carrier pigeon, fax it, post it in the mail in a plain brown envelope… just send my way.

A few suggestions– be natural. And make it short if possible; 1-3 minutes is a good length (a suggestion not a rule), we do not need every detail, especially if you can provide any links for more information. But there is no time limit. Do not recite it like a book report or tell us the end first- for a great example how to structure a story (and a great story) see Jess McCulluch’s I Share Therefore I Go to Hollywood.

Do it in one take sitting in your car or while walking your dogs.

Think of it like a movie trailer. Build a bit of suspense. For structure, take a look at the story spine approach used by Pixar based on the original concept of Kenn Adams.

So bookmark this page, go make a video, upload, it and please return to share it. I cannot promise anything amazing will happen, but I’d like to think it bumps up your potential serendipitous energy levels! And it will make me overjoyed.