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Doors, Doors, Doors

We found each other, from over the world, over a love of door photography and open sharing. It turns out…

Connections and Poems

This collaborative poetry venture emerged rather unexpectedly in Rhizomatic Learning, where Ron shared a poem of 11 words (total) about…

From LinkedIn to Collaboratory Zone

I hear so many people devalue online connections. It’s important to remember that those are living, breathing people behind those…

A Story of Connections DS106 and the Ed Administrator

Open sharing and connections are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are the everyday simple…

I Heart Vine Videos

A friend posted a vine video to Twitter– it got my interest. Three years later we are now married with…

It Started with a Story

This story happened to my class of grade 3 students this past June. We had just finished reading the picture…

Clavier No Boundaries

The true story of how two teachers connected over a blog post and created an virtual exchange project (Connected Learning…

A Wack Sack of Socks

#Socks4Dean (Ideas and Thoughts / Dean Shareski’s blog)

Somebody I’d Like To Have A Beer With

In this video, I discuss how I answered Josh Boldt’s call for stories from adjuncts who had changed their careers….

Guitars, Amps, Cables, and Pedals

Friends I know online help me choose an electric guitar to buy in Los Angeles, but they go beyond advice….

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