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Organizing Edcamp Hong Kong

Captured live at the March 21, 2013 True Stories presentation for international school faculty and students edcamp Hong Kong 2013

How Technology Impacted My Counseling Practice

Erin’s ETMOOC Experience (blog) Letting Go of Negative Thoughts (Haiku Deck) Erin’s Haiku Deck Featured in Mashable

Connections Rock!

This is a story of my connection with Jeff Utecht. I have made a great connection with Jeff and he…

Sharing Sunflower Seeds and Ideas

Sunflower seed sharing —> Harvest (Jason Toal blog) The one about sunflower seeds, and the slugs & squirrels that ate…

My Network Pitches In

EdTechPost (Scott’s Blog) Shameless Plea For Cash where Scott requests support to attend BC Open Data Summit. He raised his…

Learning Guitar From 13 Year Olds Over the Net

The Learning Project (initial project idea) Learning Project Archive Meet Dean’s Teachers Brandt Sncheider (music teacher) Dean’s Guitar Lessons (made…

Dudes Beamed into PD Session!

How Bryan Jackson, Ben Rimes, and Jabiz Raisdana stole the show at local Arizona K12 professional development day!

Twitter is My Tech Support

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts (David’s Blog) What is Your True Story of Connectedness?

The Open Soccer Mom

Creating an open course on my own – Digifoot12 “Case of the Digital Footprint” – I learned that taking a…

Sharing Is Caring

This video describes how 10 year-old Laura Stockman initiated a powerful December charity challenge through her blog post 25 Days…

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