Amazing/True Stories of Openness

True Stories of OER Reuse

Remixing Voldemort (Rajiv Jhangiani)Sasquatch Hunting at JIBC (Tannis Morgan)What I Did on my Summer Vacation (Really) (Irwin Devries)Building a SoundCamp Experience out of OERs (Brian Lamb)Eating the Dog Food, Adopting an Open Textbook (Stacy Zemke)Building My Geology Textbook With OERs (Sian Proctor)Creating Math Courses With OERs (James Sousa)Finding The Mythical OER Beast (Clint LaLonde)Goblins and Piranhas (Paul Bond)Using Chance News Wiki For Probability and Statistics Examples (Mike Caulfield)An Editable Syllabus Crafted After Mike Wesch (Monika Hardy)Rule of Thirds (Alan Levine)Not a Boring OER Video (Brendan Murphy)Latin Tattoos (Laura Gibbs)Matrix of Blog Uses in Education Comes Alive Through Open Sharing (Scott Leslie)The Networked Teacher Diagram Spreads Around the World (Alec Couros)From HTML to Iceland (Alan Levine)From Cape Town OER to Spanish Journal Article (Matumo Ramafikeng)