Amazing/True Stories of Openness

True Stories of Photographs

Connecting With a Neighbor Via a Shared Flickr Photo (Sandy Brown Jensen)A Dog Named Jimmy (Rafael Mantesso)Doors, Doors, Doors (Mariana Funes)JISC's Use of Alan's Photos (David Kernohan)From Chanukah Pictures to Math Talk Monday (Jon Becker)Dad's Drafting Table on the Cover of Biology Research Journal (Alan Levine)From Closed to Open Photographer, Teacher, Potential Remixee (Jonathan Worth)My Father's NASA Story (Sian Proctor)International Photo Happenstance (Zack Lee)German Band Publishes CD With My Cover Art (Alan Levine)Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard (Todd Bieber)The Amazing Unknown Flower (Alan Levine)