Amazing/True Stories of Openness

True Stories of Publishing

Remixing Voldemort (Rajiv Jhangiani)The Conditioned (Shalla Monteiro)Connecting With a Neighbor Via a Shared Flickr Photo (Sandy Brown Jensen)Finding The Mythical OER Beast (Clint LaLonde)From HTML to Iceland (Alan Levine)Seed It Forward (Alan Levine)Why I Can't Imagine Teaching Without A Blog (Darren Kuropatwa)Sharing My Dissertation Under Open Access Publishing (David Allegra)No Geek in the Garrett (Shelley Rodrigo)A Tiny Chicken Leg Story (Joanne Oellers)How Technology Impacted My Counseling Practice (Erin Luong)From Closed to Open Photographer, Teacher, Potential Remixee (Jonathan Worth)Open up! (Pascale Colonna)International Photo Happenstance (Zack Lee)Why I Went for Open Publishing (Martin Weller)Open Sharing Leads to eBook Inspiration: Indonesia to Minnesota to Oklahoma (Wes Fryer)Dracula Blogged (Bryan Alexander)From Cape Town OER to Spanish Journal Article (Matumo Ramafikeng)Straight from the Source (Christina Hendricks)Sharing Wants to Come Back to You (Rod Lucier)