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Amazing CONnections

Life Long Learners (Brian’s blog) My PLN: A Teacher’s Treasure (Brian’s blog) Darren Kurpotawa’s comment suggesting ds106 (Brian’s blog) DS106…

Connecting (and Visiting Hawaii) Via DS106

Through DS106 I met Cathleen Nardi, who’s from Maui. And although I have never been to Hawaii, next thing I…

From HTML to Iceland

Writing HTML (tutorial created in 1994) Námsefnisgerð í HTML (translation into Icelandic by Guðjón Ólafsson) From .az to .is (1999…

You Got Me

The Elegant Simplicity of Song (Intpred Flame post)

Poems Across the Atlantic

John Johnston blog Sandaig Primary School Radio Sandaig (blog)

I Share Therefore I Go To Hollywood

(Sadly this video is gone! It was brilliant) This is the story of how I shared a project in a…

Tweeting is Safer Than Hitch-Hiking

This story is about my very first output into my baby sapling PLN and how it helped me turn into…

Howling With CogDog

This is a time when sharing my love of the geography north of Lake Superior with a Twitter friend resulted…

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