True Stories of Openness

Unexpected Acts Serendipity Sprung from Open Sharing

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From LinkedIn to Collaboratory Zone

I hear so many people devalue online connections. It’s important to remember that those are living, breathing people behind those…

A Story of Connections DS106 and the Ed Administrator

Open sharing and connections are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are the everyday simple…

Remembering Roy Stringer (Internet Archive Wayback Machine, Feb 2002) Roy Stringer Flickr Pool A New Technological Framework (by Paul Elsner) Lost Navihedra…

From HTML to Iceland

Writing HTML (tutorial created in 1994) Námsefnisgerð í HTML (translation into Icelandic by Guðjón Ólafsson) From .az to .is (1999…

For a Web Begun

Mind on Fire (Sandy Brown Jensen blog)

You Got Me

The Elegant Simplicity of Song (Intpred Flame post)

Poems Across the Atlantic

John Johnston blog Sandaig Primary School Radio Sandaig (blog)

Hiking and Tweeting and Connecting

Captured live at the March 21, 2013 True Stories presentation for international school faculty and students

I Share Therefore I Go To Hollywood

(Sadly this video is gone! It was brilliant) This is the story of how I shared a project in a…

Tweeting is Safer Than Hitch-Hiking

This story is about my very first output into my baby sapling PLN and how it helped me turn into…

Howling With CogDog

This is a time when sharing my love of the geography north of Lake Superior with a Twitter friend resulted…

Blogging Connects Me to My Writing Hero

Paradise Lost Read-a-thons (links from Gardner Writes) PowerPop (blog by NY Mary) Five Of My Fifteen Minutes: “My Favorite Town”…

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