True Stories of Openness

Unexpected Acts Serendipity Sprung from Open Sharing

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Doors, Doors, Doors

We found each other, from over the world, over a love of door photography and open sharing. It turns out…

You Had Me At Tweeting Vygotsky

#prof211 Tweets @difo38 (Dianne’s Twitter stream)

Becoming a Globally Connected Educator

From Lone Wolf to Hunting with the Pack – becoming a globally connected educator (Craig Kemp’s Professional Reflection Blog) Craig…

Random Acts of Kindness HOPE

This story all played out in one morning on twitter

I Share Therefore I Go To Hollywood

(Sadly this video is gone! It was brilliant) This is the story of how I shared a project in a…

Open Sharing Leads to eBook Inspiration: Indonesia to Minnesota to Oklahoma

Wes’s Blog post for this story Twitter collaborators • • Download “Our Batak House” from iTunes: Learn…

Tweeting is Safer Than Hitch-Hiking

This story is about my very first output into my baby sapling PLN and how it helped me turn into…

Howling With CogDog

This is a time when sharing my love of the geography north of Lake Superior with a Twitter friend resulted…

Dudes Beamed into PD Session!

How Bryan Jackson, Ben Rimes, and Jabiz Raisdana stole the show at local Arizona K12 professional development day!

Twitter is My Tech Support

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts (David’s Blog) What is Your True Story of Connectedness?

MIT Professors Pitch in to Help My High School Philosophy Class

MIT Professors Pitch in to #Philosophy12

Two Connected Learners

Sheri and Denise meet through Edublogs Teacher Challenge in 2011, and have twittered and googled their way to presenting during…

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