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How Technology Impacted My Counseling Practice

Erin’s ETMOOC Experience (blog) Letting Go of Negative Thoughts (Haiku Deck) Erin’s Haiku Deck Featured in Mashable

From Closed to Open Photographer, Teacher, Potential Remixee

Jonathan Worth photography site Heath Ledge Photo Phonar and Picbod open phorography courses

International Photo Happenstance

I took these photos when I went to New York in 2006, at the time asstudent at University of British…

Why I Went for Open Publishing

After having published two academic books with traditional publishers, why I went with Bloomsbury Academic and published The Digital Scholar…

Open Sharing Leads to eBook Inspiration: Indonesia to Minnesota to Oklahoma

Wes’s Blog post for this story Twitter collaborators • • Download “Our Batak House” from iTunes: Learn…

Dracula Blogged

Dracula Blogged site Google Lit Map (created by Andrew Connell)

From Cape Town OER to Spanish Journal Article

Occupation Focused Conceptual Framework Matumo’s materials on the UCT OER directory Blog post of this story from the OER@UCT blog…

Sharing Wants to Come Back to You

7 Degrees of MOOC (Rod’s Blog post) 7 Degrees of Connectedness Infographic Twitter: A Cultural Guidebook (eBook that includes Rod’s…

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