This (2022) is the year I again try to fire up a new round of story collection. The first round is March 8, 2022 as a 7 minute lightning talk for Open Education Week, the series being hosted by Creative Commons.

I am not sure what I was thinking, but here is a hint- There. Will. Be. No. Slides.

Open often centers on the “stuff” (resources, content, practices) but what about the unexpected positive experiences of serendipity people gain from sharing openly? First presented at OpenEd 2009, the collection of True Stories of Open Sharing remains open to contribute yours in any media form– maybe someone in the session will have one to add.

Just for reference, some links to be shared, they might appear in the talk.

If I am not charred by lightning there might be an archive video here one day.

That day is here!

Image Credit: Pixabay Image by Brin Weins