From Brendan:

I’m putting in two OERs in that I use.

So the first is the Mozilla Webmaker stuff. A great place to find quick lessons on basic web skills and all of them are remixable by clicking on simple button. You don’t even have to sign in.

I learned about the webmaker project of Mozilla through one of the discussions in ETMOOC and it has been very useful for me because I am always looking for ways to build my own knowledge about the web. It is so easy that I can then turn around and teach, usually what I learn just the day before.

The webmaker OERs are a great resource. I have used them to help teach occasional after school programs with students at the schools I work for and the parents have always given me great reviews. Last year one of the computer teachers even asked to use them in her class as an extra. My son also uses the Thimble tool to create his own web pages. He is 9 years old and writing HTML code he learned on his own.

The second OER reuse is a educational technology MOOC that I remixed to help my teachers become more comfortable integrating technology into their classrooms.

I first heard about ETMOOC from a tweet and helped in a very small way to facilitate the program. I think that chance to watch and help organize the original MOOC gave me the confidence to remix it for my own use.

The Open Online Experience (OOE13) was a great learning experience for me. I imagined that it would be a great experience for my teachers as well, but they were not as excited. For the people who helped me design and build OOE13 the feedback I have gotten from them has been more positive than I had hoped.

Many of the teachers in my district use Teachers Pay Teachers to find lessons, so I’ve started telling them that OER’s are the same thing except you are almost never asked to pay for the resources.

Shared by: Brendan Murphy