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I have been teaching for years with OER, but never adopted a full textbook. I am now the OER Coordinator at the University of Oklahoma, and one of our biggest initiatives is to encourage/support faculty in adopting open textbooks. So, I knew that I should be one of the first to give it a go.

I specifically searched for full textbooks that I could adopt, with little customization for this project, just to see if I could do it. I used open textbook repositories to find my resources.

I did contact the main author for the textbook just totally out of the blue – I found his email address on the web He responded right away, and sent me some additional materials that I greatly appreciated. I was thrilled that he even responded to me, and am very grateful he has made his book openly available.

My results were great using this open textbook, positive feedback from the students as well. I had been using OER as supplemental material, but mostly sticking to a traditional textbook, but after this experience, I will use an open resources for every course that I can from now on.

Shared by: Stacy Zemke