I have an old wooden rocking chair that was the favorite of my older brother David, who passed away in 1987. There is much more to the story if you care, but that’s not this story.

My mom had it shipped to me in Arizona from her home in Florida, and it traveled even farther to my home now in Saskatchewan. This story though is what happened a few years ago, and almost as an accident. I had arranged to have my carpets dry cleaned, and piled furniture on the kitchen tile. I then noticed what I had never seen before- on the bottom of the chair was a faint brand name seal and some stencilled numbers and words.

Secret Messages Underneath a Chair

Some internet sleuthing got me to the company who made the chair.

My internet curiosity got the better of me, and as it has turned out before, hoisting this as a blog post brought in many responses- who knew there were so many people interested in Temple-Stuart furniture? Or that a grandson of the company’s founder would enter the discussion? The question of the meaning of the numbers was answered, and now my post seems to be where the people searching for this “classic American brown furniture” land. 


Media Description: A retelling of a story about the markings found underneath my brother's old rocking chair, showin in the video, and what happened after blogging about it.

Shared by: Alan Levine @cogdog

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