The story is really in the video but this is a story of how my colleague Lawrie and I realized that he may have sailed in the North Atlantic at the same time my father (Wilf) was there in the late eighties. It turns out that they did and my father has a photo on his wall at home with various ships and one was the ship Lawrie sailed in. Digging further my father was able to unearth a photo that has Lawrie in the photo!

More details in the video but this also surfaced due to my #educoffee project which is probably another story (or more) to tell sometime.

OEG Voices 022: #educoffee With Ken Bauer and Friends

Media Description: A couple of years ago Lawrie and I discovered during a #educoffee conversation that he may have sailed with my father back in the 1980s. It turns out that was true and here is a look back at that discovery in a zoom call with my Lawrie, my father Wilf, and myself.

Shared by: Ken Bauer

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