How collectively music fans in the Steve Hoffman Music Forum identified the singer who was recorded originally in 1967 and much later uploaded to YouTube: 


This is what I call The Dorm Tape 1967. The facts are simple and frankly taught me a lot about simplicity in recording (and later, photography). I heard a girl singing and playing guitar down the hall in my dorm at UC Santa Cruz. She was hitch hiking through and needed a place to crash. I liked the sound I heard coming down the hall and I decided to try recording her. So I grabbed my reel to reel Sony 350 recorder, a modest piece, and two really crummy dynamic mikes that were part of the kit. I hand held them a foot or so from the guitar and her mouth ( left right more or less) and just let her sing. She was sitting on a dorm cot and I was standing in front of her monitoring the levels on the Sony while holding the mics. Kind of awkward. My life moved on and now 44 years later(!), I pulled it out, digitized it and decided to add it to the YouTube archive of material from my alma mater. What I learned is that simple ain’t so bad: musicality counts for a lot and a lot can be done with simple equipment…and common sense. Hope you enjoy.

Much more happened over the years as forum participants made guesses- read the whil thread to discover how she was not only identified in 2023, but more of her story unfolded.

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Media Description: A story told through screen shots of an old school discussion forum where many years after it was posted, a young singer recorded by a music fan in 1967 was ultimately indetified in 2023

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