It seems improbable and would not have been even known to me had not my New Zealand colleague Stephen Harlow pinged me in Mastodon about seeing a live concert from The Buggles where he spotted a familiar image in the stage backdrop — one in fact I had created myself for a presentation in 2013 about DS106.

As it turns out, I could not isolate the exact source of the base retro TV that I pretty much slapped on a DS106 logo, beyond it’s metadata indicating it came from a Blogger site (the image is still there).

I am not sure how the stage designer for the Buggles chose my tv image over many of the other copies out there, but all in all, pretty amazing.

Full details on da blog!

Download "My DS106 Retro TV Image is on Stage With the Buggles"

Media Description: Me retelling the story of my graphic ending up on a concert stage

Shared by: Alan Levine

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